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I spent most of last week at my grandfather’s memorial service, and associated events.

He was a Yale professor and one of the leading biophysicists of his time — having discovered that proteins were not colloids as had been thought, but were actually much more complicated structures. He was also a wonderful grandfather. In a sign of how separate those worlds can be, I had no idea someone had made a wikipedia page for him until just recently. (It was also mildly stunning to find that his date of death had been entered within two days, and by someone who isn’t part of the family.)

A memorial blog (!) has been set up for him, for those who are interested. My own contribution is below the jump.


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Donors choose, I wimp out

Once a year DonorsChoose challenges bloggers to raise money for teachers in public schools. It’s a great program; each teacher submits a proposal for a specific project and the donors fund the ones they like. Since I don’t have a completely monstrous readership, I’ll toss my support to the team at Cosmic Variance. They are, after all, my “blogparents”.

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