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Number 18

Not actually the Mona Lisa

What do the phrases: “Jackson Pollock painted the Mona Lisa”, “The homing pigeon luxuriated in the hot bath”, and “That man has a city for a head turkey archeologist” have in common?

As David at Shores of the Dirac Sea explains, they’re all encoded in the digits of pi:

This result states that any message that you want is written in the digits of a normal number an infinite number of times. Every single message.

Or, to put it in the words of my college probability professor:

Randomness is not the absence of order; it is the presence of every possible type of order.

This is, quite possibly, the single most important sentence to know when thinking about conspiracy theories or the hidden-message variety mysticism. Never be surprised at people’s ability to find messages, or even fragments of messges, in apparently randose3m;’%hkl;##%15kmg.

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