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A new podcast! This one is the world-famous* “Thermostat” story, about my apartment broker, Carl Sagan, a pen, and David Bowie.

* My world, anyway.

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It’s been quiet around here.

Yep. Quiet.

I’d like to say that’s because I’ve been working on other projects, so it’s lucky for me that I have! I’ve been podcasting. Twice. Even better, another one is about to launch!

Introducing The Story Collider.

I’ve teamed up with Brian Wecht, from Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study and Ninja Sex Party, to present evening of true stories. Researchers who think about statistical inference 24/7, comedians who haven’t thought about ecology since frog dissections in high school, and everyone in between will tell stories, live on stage, about the times when, for good or ill, science happened.

Our first show is May 13 at The Creek and The Cave in New York City. Check out our website or Facebook page for more info.

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A new medium! I recorded the 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast for today, in which I describe how a broken tooth leads me to discover that The Universe is more terrifying and more exciting than I had imagined.

In the process of recording I discovered that

  1. I love talking.
  2. I hate hate hate hate hate hearing my own voice.

I’m also pretty sure those two points describe 99.9% of humanity. I’ll be doing one of these a month, so hopefully I’ll get over point 2, or at least reduce the number of hates. Luckily, the chance of me getting over point 1 is so insignificant as to be not worth thinking about.

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