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I know you were all on the edge of your seat to find out the winner of Survivor: Universe. It was a long, drawn-out drama-fest, but in the end it was everyone’s favorite galaxy group Arp 274! I shudder to think about the riot that would have accompanied an NGC 4289 upset.

The NASA site has the larger image and a video about how it was made.

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Survivor: Universe

This is very cool, the Space Telescope Science Institute, the people who decide what research is done with the Hubble Space Telescope, are holding a public vote on which object to image.

Now that I think about it, they should have called it “Survivor: Universe” and let people vote against objects, ’cause being mean-spirited is way more fun. I mean, look at NGC 4289. It totally snubbed ARP 274. Don’t you see the way that it’s standing!??! It’s all “talk to the spiral arm, ’cause the central bar ain’t listening.” And for what? It thinks ARP 274 got more dark matter? Not good enough, vote that bastard off already.

Ahem. Meanwhile, Seth at the US LHC blogs wonders if the LHC experiments can do something similar. I kinda hope they don’t. Do we really need national TV exposure of all the ways the different quarks hate each other? That shit is ugly.

Anyway, go vote: there are prizes!

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