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I just noticed that The Atom Smashers is available for instant play on Netflix, so if you have an account there you can watch it now. Independent Lens (the PBS series that picked them up) also has several episodes available on Hulu, but not that one. I’m not sure if there’s a mechanism to bug them to include this one, but if there is, please do.

People are also starting to upload clips of the U.N. panel on Battlestar Galactica. Here’s the best so far, with Edward James Olmos taking method acting to a new level, and saying something very good in the process.

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The Atom Smashers, a documentary about physicists at the Tevatron searching for the Higgs boson, has won the Audacity Award in the Pariscience festival. This award is “for a film that shows originality in its subject matter or treatment.”
Congratulations to Clayton and Monica. You can find my review of this excellent film here.

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