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As David Harris reports, someone has created a model of ATLAS, one of the 4 detectors at the LHC, in Second Life. Besides just being cool, I love the idea of having something like this as an educational tool. You could run tours, or just let people play around inside. From the video below it looks like it does a good job of conveying the complexity and enormity of a modern particle detector.

Unfortunately, the model was made on borrowed land, and needs a permanent home. (Is there a Second Life Craigslist? That would be a fantastic ad. “Friendly, black-hole free, particle detector seeking comfortable living situation in which to unlock secrets of the universe. 137 friendly. No helium leaks, please.”)

It’s creator, Professor Panda (Ryushimitsu Xingjian) made this video before having to take it down. See the post at Symmetry Breaking for more information.

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