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Brian Boyer managed an invitation to the United Nations panel on Battlestar Galactica. For those who are interested, he’ll be live blogging it here, starting at 7pm PDT.

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I am, the internets will be shocked to learn, one of those people who will happily talk for hours about how fraking incredible Battlestar Galactica is. I could go on, e.g., about how deftly they subverted the sympathies of the viewers to place us on the “colonized” side of an exploration of Imperialism, and about how hard that is to do in any genre other than Science Fiction.

But even I’m stunned to find that the United Nations is holding a panel discussion on the themes raised in the series. This will either be one of the most fascinating events this year, or a train-wreck. Either way, I wish I could be there.

(The Sci-Fi network will be filming and releasing a transcript. Why not the video? Hrmph.)

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